Top reasons why hair extensions have become bling accessory

Has this thought ever exploded in your mind after you got rid of those unruly locks of hair..?

Damn!!! I look like an unruffled chicken!

Women have this ingrained penchant for experimenting with their looks and coiffures seem to get the most attention. They fix hair appointments with their favorite hair stylists and then go gaga about their new hair-style. They pet their hair and condition it regularly so that it holds good for months.

Hair extensions San Francisco

But all hell breaks loose when any special occasion crops up and your ensemble doesn’t chime well with your cropped hair. You curse yourself for your hair-job; sulk thinking your chums will outsmart you with their coiffures.

Fashionistas and style mavens…it’s the 21st century!!!

Spicing up your look for a wedding or prom night is just a visit away to a snazzy hair studio. Nowadays, hairdressers have the secret mantra to add bling to your hair with hair extensions.

Women love voluminous flowing hair as they accentuate the contours of the face and add dimension to the neck line. Companies selling hair extensions in San Francisco toe the same theory line. They make a cosmetic change to your demeanour and make up for the want of hair on your scalp.

Hair extensions are everything you need

Find out every reason why you need to invest in hair extensions justify away:

  1. Length: Hair extensions add length to your hair. The long hair you have been dreaming of and waiting for days can be achieved in just a few minutes. Clip-in hair extensions are a quick way of flaunting those wavy locks while you wait for you real hair to sprout out.
  2. Volume: Hair extensions add the extra volume you always craved for. There are specific hair weights for different hair textures. For example, if you have fine hair there’s a 120g set for it. For medium thickness hair, you have a 160g set. Women who have lots of hair but still want to look extra voluminous can add the 220g set to their hair.
  3. Style: Hair extensions can change the originality of any hair. With extensions you can make a braid, bun or a ponytail more fluffy and intricate.
  4. No Damage: This can be music to every woman’s ears. Hair extensions don’t cause any damage to your hair. They don’t interfere with your hair growth either.

Hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions are the fad now

There are a gamut of hair extensions in the stable including clip-in, sew-in, tape-on, shrink link and micro link extensions. However, tape-in hair extensions in San Francisco are ruling the roost.

  1. They look natural: Women hate fake tresses of hair on their scalp. Tape-in hair extensions brew naturality and matches the density, texture, thickness and color of your hair soundly. You don’t have to fear the excessive tangles and matting.
  2. Attaching and taking them off is a breeze: Styling your hair can be a strenuous job, especially when you are not a pro. And attaching extensions can make you miss your date. But not with tape-in extensions. The extension hair is pasted to inch-long sticky strips. You have just to pull off the cover and place it in the correct zone. Detaching goes even faster. Just drench the tape in a solute (with a cotton bud/ cotton balls/tissues) to loosen the adhesive and wriggle it off slowly.
  3. They don’t cause damage: Tape-in extensions, if dealt with correctly, pose no risk to the natural health of your hair. Use it correctly and you won’t suffer from any repercussions. In fact, you will notice that your extension hair holds hairstyles better than your natural hair.

Hair extensions

Women have added hair extensions as an important accessory to their dressing tables. Be it celebrities or fashionistas…. Hair extensions have graced them well on red-carpet events and fashion parades. This cosmetic object helps women get the best of both worlds-shorter hair and longer hair without any fuss. While they may look like a fat investment, hair-extensions will never fail to add that pizzazz to your outlook. You will get the applaud you deserve, every time, everywhere.

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